Become A Professional In The Hair Business
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Tips for the starter who wants to earn from the hair business.
By Virgin Hair Vendor | 24 December 2018 | 9 Comments

Become A Professional In The Hair Business

Become A Professional In The Hair Business
the profit. Getting into the hair business is very profitable especially when you sell quality hair. We don’t just sell hair bundles but we also advise our customers on how to go about starting the business and how to grow it. We’ve gotten feedback from some of our customers on how their business has grown thanks to our quality hair and advice.


Sophie's Story

Sophie is a college graduate that lives in New York and she wanted to start selling wigs in 2014 to support herself financially due to lack business experience and reserves. Seeing that she was just starting, we suggested to her to buy a few hair bundles to wear and test to know if she likes it and also to know what people thought about it. Sophie knew that she really wanted to make the business work so she took her time to learn hair care and other professional hair skills to make the hair last longer.

Sophie’s hair became really attractive to her friends, classmates, and relatives and they all started asking her where she got the hair and how she maintained it so well.  Gradually, she began to have ordered from people around her. Thanks to Sophie’s good business mentality, she gave hair maintenance tips to every customer who placed a hair order to avoid having hair problems. Sophie’s net profit per month grew up to $3,000-$5,000 and it’s pretty amazing because her satisfied customers recommend her product to other people. In an attempt to build her business, she began to expand to other series of hair products including the current hot-selling wigs, lace closure, and frontal etc. We also advised her on her product price and that even if the profit won’t be high, there would be a quick turn over because product quality is always a priority.


The Power Of Social Media

Sophie says that in 2015, she created a social platform and an official retail website which has helped her grow her customer base and also improved her business. Her monthly profit has reached up to 20,000-300 million US dollars. In 2016, she had her own sales team which was made up of college students which helped her create more sales channels to improve her business.

Another customer that has benefitted from our products and services is Alyza. She previously worked as a hair stylist until she decided to open her own store where she sold wigs and jewelry but mainly clothing. In 2013, due to the fact that her old suppliers were unable to keep supplying her with quality hair and logistics, she lost a lot of customers and her business went down.


 We Also Offer Professional Advice

Luckily, Alyza found our company and told us about her unpleasant experience. We advise our new customers to try out a few bundles first before buying more for retail. She got a few packs of 20g samples to test the quality of the different grades at a low cost too. She kept on using our products and was still satisfied with the quality and our services. She chose our company to be the best for selling super grade hair products. Her holy grail was the body weave, deep weave, straight, curly and loose weave which come in 10-30 inch and have amazing textures.

New stocks arrive from time to time every month with an order amount between 20,000-30,000 US dollars. With the amazing sales, she decided to open her own salon store that specialized in installing hair. The monthly turn over from this reached up to 45,000-60,000 US dollars and more success in her business enabled her to set up a small sales team to run her hair store and salon.

We know how important it is to start a business in other to have time for other personal things and still make

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